We are the most well-respected and highly trained security/private military company in the state of Wisconsin.

We diligently work to staff security needs with people who are highly trained and educated in many aspects of the security function.  We offer a training progression that leads to extremely high-level abilities in many areas.  Team members can get into armed security, investigations, covert surveillance and more.

Our training staff and leadership are retired and former military and law enforcement.  Our expertise includes decades of successful investigations, training and field operations with Army Special Forces, Marine Corps Recon, Navy, Army and National Intelligence agencies.....the list goes on.

We have training progression and plans for individuals with little to no security experience, as well as positions for Veterans and other experienced professionals.  We seek people who are willing to take on challenges and grow and progress in their individual skills as well as become strong assets for the team.  Our management staff is dedicated to helping every member of the Tri-Bolt team to be successful and to grow in the areas that interest them.

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